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Monday, December 28, 2009

OKLAHOMA Redneck Sledding 2009

Daddy brought JBug's 4 wheeler home today.

I guess this is how you sled when you have no hills around..

Jbug decided that Jman would want to do this too...

What big fun from the " OKLAHOMA BLIZZARD of 2009"

They even managed to build a little snowman!

They had to wait for the snow to melt a little so it would be packing snow!

Monday, December 14, 2009

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ruby Pinwheels Organic Baby and Kids product Review

Ruby Pinwheels is a wonderful Organic website filled with Baby and Kids clothes, Gifts and Personal Care items.

They are a :

Please take a minute to visit their website and look around for some GREAT Christmas gifts. You could spend hours just looking around at all the cute clothes and wonderful gift items they carry.
Just click the link below:


I got the chance to be on the Ruby Pinwheels Blog Tour, I was so excited!

have to say that I am not a total organic mom but I try to to buy some organic products. They are so much better for our families and the environment.

I got to pick out something from the personal items that they carry.

My choice was the "Aura Cacia Kids Foaming Body Wash"
it sells for $8.99

Aura Cacia Kids Foaming Body Wash

Click on this link to go to the page:


Sea Turtles count on damselfish and angelfish to clean their shells. They just swim up to a coral reef, and let their hard-working helpers do the rest! Now, Aura Cacia can't package damselfish (and, anyway, you don't want to have algae all over you) but they can do a little something to help you at bath time! Their great-smelling, foaming, 100% pure body wash is all about good, clean fun. 8 oz.
-This is GREAT smelling.. It has a wonderful citrus smell to it, Jman referred to it as smelling like his "oranges".


Apply to wet skin with a mesh sponge. Work into a rich lather. Rinse thoroughly.
- YES make sure to use a mesh sponge, Jman likes to just use his hands and it did not lather that much with just his hands, but once we used the mesh sponge there was lots of lather!

Paraben-free. Not tested on animals. Contains no SLS, MEA, DEA, TEA, synthetic fragrances or colors.

Jman loves to take a bath and wash all by himself.

Here are the Brands that they carry :
Aura Cacia

Awakening Organics
BabyBam Collection
BabyBear Shop
Baby Blend Tees
barley & birch
Earth Mama Angel Baby
Global Mamas
Green Babies
Happy Green Bee
little twig
Learning Tees
OBLI Organics
Positively Organic
Progressive Kid
Sckoon Organics
Seaside Naturals
Seedling Kids
Tru Kid
Yellow Label Kids

They also have a great club:

Ruby Pinwheels Personal Care Club

We know you go through a lot of skin care products keeping your kids clean, soft, detangled and sun burn free! Buy those products from us and we'll reward you - how can you beat that? Buy 6 personal care products from Ruby Pinwheels and we'll give you the 7th one free (maximum $20 value/product). How do I join? No worries; we will keep track of your purchases and when the 6th item has been purchased the next one is free. What could be easier? Thanks for being members of our Personal Care Club.

-just a side note.. I did receive this product for free to review and I still LOVE IT!!

Remember to please take a minute to visit their website and look around for some GREAT Christmas gifts.
Just click the link below:


You can also become a FAN on Facebook:


And don't forget to Follow @RubyPinwheels on Twitter..

A "BIG" thanks to Ruby Pinwheels for letting me help them out out on this
"Ruby Pinwheels Blog Tour".

Friday, December 4, 2009

Crazy Neighbors!!!

Gram has been with us for the past week, after 3 days in Duckville, Mo. for Thanksgiving. She came home with us and has been a GREAT help!!!

I got our Christmas lights put out.

3 weeks to Christmas
I can't wait, Jman has been talking about Christmas for at least a month already....oh it can't come soon enough !

We have been driving around looking at Christmas lights and we found this neighbors house.

Sorry it maybe kind quiet, but these are some of our neighbors..

Aunt E and Uncle A just wait you ain't seen nothin yet!!!