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Friday, April 23, 2010

Meet our

I have been watching the papers and searching online checking out puppies.. and along came this picture of a puppy named "PERDITA". She was listed on the Lab Rescue website. SO I looked for more info on her.. This is what I found:

Perdita is a PERFECT 9 week old lab puppy. She has not had 1 accident in the house. Of course she is in her crate if she is not supervised. She goes out about every 2 hours. She LOVES my kids and loves to play with our 1 year old Lab. She is very laid back for a little puppy. She goes right over to the dog pillow and lays down like a good girl. I've taught her to sit a few times. At night she goes right in her crate and sleeps until 6 AM, (doesn't even cry!!!) goes out, eats breakfast and goes back to sleep until 8 AM. My kids call her "Tinker" because her little booty shakes like a tinkerbell when she walks. HA. She is such a sweetheart. I'm really impressed with her. She would do well at ANY home with anyone.

So I had to check her out!
On Thursday April 15th I went ahead and filled out the application.. which was quite a process... it took almost a week to get all the info together and for Lab Rescue to check it all out!
I also saw another puppy that I were interesed in... So I started asking qustions about both of these puppies...
I found out that the other puppy would be at a meet and greet Lab Rescue on that Saturday, but "PERDITA" had not had her 2nd round of shot, so she would not be there. The kids and I went and meet the other puppy... it was a NO go.. she looked part Lab and part Pitt Bull.. SO NO WAY was I going to have a pup that had Pitt in it at my house!!!
After that Saturday I started asking more questions about Perdita. The more and more I found out.. I had to meet her!! I pushed and pushed to get more info then finally the next Thursday we were approved and my name info and email were passed on to Perdita's Foster mommy.. I heard back with in and hour of being approved.
Here is the info I got from her "foster" mommy:

I heard you are interested in the Lab puppy Perdita from Lab Rescue.

I am her foster mommy.

This little girl would make a wonderful family companion.

I have had her for 2 weeks now and she is a very good little girl.

She has only had 1 accident in the house.

She goes right outside to potty. My 5 year old daughter carries her around like a babydoll and the puppy doesn’t mind it at all.

She’s been playing a lot with our 1 year old lab.

I am very set on crate training until they are at least 3-4 months old. I did this with my Labby and although it was very hard to hear her cry at times, I am so thankful now.

Here is our basic layout of the day with her….

6 AM I let her out of her crate…she’s been crying every morning right at 6.

I feed her 1 cup of food and she goes back out approx. 30 minutes later to go poo.

She has a lot of energy in the mornings so this is the time I let her run around and play outside.

I work full time. She goes in her crate at 8:30 AM and I come home at 12 to let her out. She’s been holding it for approx 4 hours max at a time.

5 PM I get home, let her out, feed her ½ cup of food, go on walk with leash (she’s very good) and play.

She’s tuckered out by 9 PM and this is when she will let you snuggle her.

She has not chewed on anything (yet) except for her bones and chew toys. She loves the squeaky toys & the nylon bones.

I have been very impressed with her. She has not bitten anyone nor nipped. She is a bit timid towards my husband. I think it might be his deep voice.

She does love her crate very much. She feels safe in it. We’ve caught her a few times when she’s tired just walking right into the crate and laying down.

I haven’t noticed any “issues” with her. The only thing I would recommend is having her front dew claws removed when she is spayed.

They really scratch and are sharp.

Come out and meet this little girl. You will fall in love with her. I will be sad to see her go, but I want her to go to the best family possible.

You are more than welcome to come out to my house on Sat or Sun to meet her.

I noticed you are in Coweta? I am in Coweta every Thursday night at Gymnastics if you would rather meet me there to see the puppy. Let me know, and any questions please ask.

I did have a few questions and sent the to her..
here is what I heard back:

I was told by Lab Rescue that she does in fact have papers. I have not seen the papers, so I would be sure and ask them for sure. She looks full bred to me. Her little puppy face looks exactly like my full bred black female Lab.

The story I received was there was a guy who was breeding Labs and selling them. Perdita didn’t sell at 6 weeks old and through the grapevine a nearby neighbor hood the man was going to shoot her. So the neighbor took Perdita in when she was 6 weeks old and she called Lab Rescue.

I got her when she was 8 weeks old.

I know she went to the Vet the day before I got her and she checked out okay, had her 1st round of shots & de-wormer.

She weighed 14 lbs at 8 weeks. My guess is she was the runt of the liter.

The lab we have was the runt of her liter and weighed the same as Perdita at that age. She now weighs right at 50 lbs.

As far as your 3 year old…I have a 3 year old son as well so Perdita is use to being around little ones. She is a puppy and jumps up when she’s excited. She loves him and licks both my kids all the time. I’ve been telling her “down” when she tries to jump up, but that just takes time & repetition and is usually resolved by the time they are 6-12 months. She’s not big enough to knock him down, but the dew claw on the front does scratch the little ones, so that is why I would for sure have it removed.

I will be at Gymnastics tonight from 6:15-7. You can meet me there at 6:30 or 7, whichever works for you and I can bring the puppy.

WOW are you kidding me .. she sounds PERFECT!!!! We got op meet her that night. She was perfect!!! I emailed the next day to Lab Rescue that we were very interested, but wanted Daddy to meet her too. So Saturday morning April 17 Daddy went and met her.. After some talking I was off in the pouring rain to sign papers to make her ours!! BUT----AWWW man I was told that we have to wait 2 weeks to get her.. I was so upset.. Anyway after doing a lot of talking and a little extra donation.. we had her home that night! I told the kids I was running to get a movie and came back with her! I am so happy to have adopted a Lab Rescue Lab and hope that more people will look into it too!!!

This was taken the night I brought her home!

It is now a week later and all is still GREAT!!!!