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Friday, January 30, 2009

Woo Hoo

My baby boy is amazing... at the age of 1 year and 10 months he stayed dry all day. Gram has been here all week with us. We did not get to do much running around because of this icy weather. So we caught up today. Our day started out about 9:00am when we got Justin dressed. Around 9:30 am we headed into town to meet some friends to play at BOUNCE U. We played there from 10:00am until around 11:00am and then headed to McAlisters for lunch. When we arrived at Mc Alisters, Justin told me that he needed to "pee pee" so off to the bathroom we went and to my suprise, Justin was still dry. He did pee in the potty there. After lunch we went to Stien Mart and shopped for awhile(while Justin slept). We had to leave about 1:30pm to get to a Dr. Appt for Justin. When we arrived there and finally got into the exam room he told me "pee pee" so off we went again, and to my suprise....he was still dry!!!!! He pee peeed in the potty again. We arrive home about 2:45pm just in time to grab a few things and head back out to pick up Jamie. We next went to Kohl's and shopped alittle, then it was off to Target. We finally got home about 5:45pm and to my suprise Justin was still dry!Anyway enoguh is enough so finally at 7:45pm while getting ready for bed - he was still dry. Only a One diaper day! WOOOOO HOOOO

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back to School

Well we are back to school today!!! The main roads are just fine, it's the neighborhood roads that are yucky. Here are a few more pictures and a movie clip of playing in the snow and ice.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Days

School's out again tomorrow..Here is what the day consisted of for us. Jamie freezing her tail off to amuse her brother.

Monday, January 26, 2009

It's Here

Broken Arrow is now frozen solid!!! School was canceled by 6:15. At least we still have power!!!!

This is a Radar map at 8:30pm

Oh No

ICE..... what the heck is going on? Last Thursday it was 72 degrees and today it is 23 degrees and we are waiting for the ICE to hit!Kevin is out of town for the week and mom is here,I just hope that if/when we need the generator that I remember how to use it! Well on a good note so far they say this Saturday it is suppose to be around 60 degrees. What the heck!!!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

WOW what a beautiful day

Today was a beautiful day....72 degrees on January 22, 2009, that's just nuts. Today after school Jamie, Justin and I went to the park before taking Jamie to dance.

It was so nice today that while Jamie was at dance, Justin and I cleaned up the car. I'm sure that was quite a sight! But it was just too nice not to roll the windows down and use the Dustbuster to clean up the car.The windows got a good wipe down with Windex and the dashboard got a good wipe down with baby wipes!!! Who said that baby wipes only cleaned baby butts. HAHAHAHA

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Dancing kids

Jamie loves to find songs to dance to that go with her clogging routine.This is a dance that she put to - Alvin and the Chipmunks,Undeniable.

Jamie is now in her 3rd year of Clogging ( 1st year basics 2nd year of Competition). Justin has picked up on a few things and we got him some "CAMO" clogging shoes. Justin looks up to his big sister and LOVES TO CLOG. I caught some of his dancing tonight on tape, so here it is.( He dances a lot more when I don't have a camera on him.)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Finally adult time.

Gram and Gramps got here yesterday after a 1 month long 5th wheel trip down to Texas. They had a wonderful time with Nathan and Andy and Ellen.

When they got to Tulsa they left the 5th wheel at the campground and came to the house.

We picked up Jamie and then had to take her to meet her Girl Scout Troop for a sleep over at the Aquarium. They got to sleep in the tunnel of the shark tank. She had a blast, I had to pick her up at 7:45 this morning.

While Jamie was at her sleep over Gram got her time in with Justin. Kevin, Dad and I went to a Tulsa Oilers Hockey game at the new BOK center. Thanks to Rachel and Oneok we had the best seats. 5th row up, 1st four seats right behind the penalty box. Well the beer, crown and coke were good but pricey. Kevin had a Pretzel that he said tasted a few years old. HAHAHA

Anyway we lost by 1, but we had fun and Kevin has discovered that he likes Hockey. Today Kevin and I headed to Fair Meadows Simulcast horse races and practiced up for the Hot Springs trip in February.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jamie's 1st Dance Competition 2008

Jamie's first clogging competition was held in Grove, Oklahoma in June. She was entered in 5 competitions- 3 group and 2 solo. They won 1st place all 3 group competitions and Jamie took 1st in one of the solo competitions (it was in traditional clogging). Way to go Jamie!!!!!!

Jamie's Big Branson Trip

Jamie had a wonderful summer of 2008 filled with all sorts of fun things. One of the two biggest things that happened this last summer was Jamie performed in BRANSON at 3 different shows. The first show was at The Chinese Acrobat Theater. The second was at The Dutton's Family theater. The third was at The Dixie Stampede. We have an absolute blast. Gram and Gramps met us and stayed down there with us. Memaw and Papaw came to Branson and joined us for all three shows. Here are some of the pictures that we have from our wonderful weekend in Branson.

Well today was a really cold day. I think that it might of made it to 20 degrees and I stress MIGHT of made it that high. Jamie had a great night at dance. Justin had a blast running around and then going to the car to watch a movie( thank goodness it was not CARS it was 101 Dalmations).

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Tillman Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. The kids had a blast and Justin just dove into the presents. Willie and Sue came over this year. We had a great time. It was our 1st year without Gram and Gramps. They came by a few weeks early and celebrated with us before heading to Texas. This year they were at Andy and Ellen's for Nate's 1st Christmas.
Enjoy the pictures.

Monday, January 12, 2009

So here I go...

Well this is the first entry to the Tillman4 blog. I guess it will soon become a natural thing, but as of now this is kinda not my thing. I will try to update weekly and I stress TRY. Please have patience with me while I am learning about the life of blogging. Thanks