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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Snow Dayz

Our 1st Snow of March
Just a light dusting

March 12th

Our 2nd snow of March
6 & 1/2 inches of very wet snow

March 28th

Well the kids got to play in the snow today. Yesterday we got 6 1/2 inches of very wet snow. I was begged and sweet talked, but I held my ground and did not let them play in the wet snow. ( I did not want to deal with a very wet and frozen 11 and 2 year old.) So I held out until this morning at 9am. Alot better and worth the wait. The wet snow has frozen and was great for sledding on. here are a few movies of the kids having fun.

I think the only thing that stopped was Jamie hitting a wet, grass sink hole in the yard.

Justin was a little unsure of this at first but then he decided that he liked it and said "more, more".

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break

I have yet to decide if Spring Break is TOO long or NOT long enough?!?! Am I the only one who wonders this??

Jamie found some time to spend with Justin. She is reading one of his new favorite books...I STINK, it is about a garbage truck and it is sooo cute! It was a birthday present from Uncle Andy, Aunt Ellen and Nate.

One of Jamie's favorite things to do at Gram and Gramps is to get scratch off lottery tickets.. to end Spring Break, Jamie won $12 on a $1 ticket!! She only bought 2 more tickets to try to win more... guess what happened!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Still havin lots of "FUN"

It was a beautiful 79 degrees.

This morning Mom took Jamie and Me into town to workout at her new workout center. Gramps and Justin got to have a boys morning. They went and had coffee at the Junction cafe with Bill and Loyd. Justin got to visit Loyd's sawmill and ride in Bill's white truck. We came home to find the boys riding the 4wheeler in the north 40.

Ok, so Justin's helmet is pink, it is recycled from sister.

Jamie and Gramps had an adventure into town in the Model T, It's a 1915.
After coming home they took Justin for a little ride.

Jamie has had fun target shooting and balloon shooting.
This was Tuesday morning.

We may be heading to Arkansas for a short road trip tomorrow to ride the ferry and visit Mt. home. Cold front is suppose to be heading in tonight. Well see what tomorrow holds.....
More to come soon.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break

We left Friday and stopped at Willie and Sue's for the night. We had a nice visit and got to eat at "Pasta House" our favorite place to eat!! Thanks Willie and Sue.
Saturday morning we headed to Mom and Dad's and mostly messed around the house, we ran to Walmart.. which is about the only place to go in Mt. Grove where they live.
Sunday we went to a family friends 80th surprise party.
We chased a train home so that we could get to a crossing before it got there so that Justin could see the train a little closer..boy was it LOUD!!!!
Today, Monday, Jamie and Gramps have headed to Ava to go to the
recycle place and have some lunch.

Jamie and Justin have already had lots of fun on the 4 wheelers and golf cart.

Gramps is having fun too!

Justin has also had alot of fun on Uncle Andy's old bouncy horse.

More pictures to come as the week goes on!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The BIG 2

These are pictures of me the night before Justin was born.

These are the morning of Justin's Birthday.

Wow how fast 2 years go by!!!! CRAZY!
This is at 7:16am
7lbs 2oz


We had a wonderful 2nd Birthday party for Justin today. Here are a few pictures from the party.

Look at all this loot!!!!

Thanks ShaRhonda for the picture.

More pictures to come.

My husband "ROCKS"!!!!

My Husband Rocks!!!!

Kevin got on the computer this morning @ 10 am and got tickets for
this concert on August 22nd at the BOK center!!!! I am SO excited.
We will be joined by Steve and Rachel.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

2 Years ago

This is how uncomfortable I was 2 years ago!!! I could not wait for little Justin to come join our Family!! He was scheduled for a C-section on March 8th, we had to be at the hospital at 5:00 am for a 7am C-section.

Come back on Sunday for Birth-Day pictures!!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Birthday Weekend

We had a wonderful visit with Papaw and Memaw this weekend. They came over Friday evening and we went to Tokyo Garden for the February and March Birthday's which were:

Kevin Feb 4
Memaw Feb 5
Jamie Feb 16
Justin March 8
Papaw March 16

If anyone was keeping track, that's everyone's B-day that was here except me. Anyway we had a wonderful time and "VERY" full bellies.

Sat for lunch we went to the new Dave and Buster's (which is one of Jamie and Daddy's favorite places in Florida). We had a blast and earned 4500 tickets.
Saturday we had a big game of
A nice Homemade pizza and salad dinner. Followed by family movie nite, which we watched "DADDY DAYCARE" a very funny movie for those of you that have not seen it.