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Friday, January 30, 2009

Woo Hoo

My baby boy is amazing... at the age of 1 year and 10 months he stayed dry all day. Gram has been here all week with us. We did not get to do much running around because of this icy weather. So we caught up today. Our day started out about 9:00am when we got Justin dressed. Around 9:30 am we headed into town to meet some friends to play at BOUNCE U. We played there from 10:00am until around 11:00am and then headed to McAlisters for lunch. When we arrived at Mc Alisters, Justin told me that he needed to "pee pee" so off to the bathroom we went and to my suprise, Justin was still dry. He did pee in the potty there. After lunch we went to Stien Mart and shopped for awhile(while Justin slept). We had to leave about 1:30pm to get to a Dr. Appt for Justin. When we arrived there and finally got into the exam room he told me "pee pee" so off we went again, and to my suprise....he was still dry!!!!! He pee peeed in the potty again. We arrive home about 2:45pm just in time to grab a few things and head back out to pick up Jamie. We next went to Kohl's and shopped alittle, then it was off to Target. We finally got home about 5:45pm and to my suprise Justin was still dry!Anyway enoguh is enough so finally at 7:45pm while getting ready for bed - he was still dry. Only a One diaper day! WOOOOO HOOOO


ShaRhonda said...

yay, Justin! I sang you a song on your mom's facebook!

Glenna said...

Woo WOO way to go BIG MAN!!!!!