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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Still havin lots of "FUN"

It was a beautiful 79 degrees.

This morning Mom took Jamie and Me into town to workout at her new workout center. Gramps and Justin got to have a boys morning. They went and had coffee at the Junction cafe with Bill and Loyd. Justin got to visit Loyd's sawmill and ride in Bill's white truck. We came home to find the boys riding the 4wheeler in the north 40.

Ok, so Justin's helmet is pink, it is recycled from sister.

Jamie and Gramps had an adventure into town in the Model T, It's a 1915.
After coming home they took Justin for a little ride.

Jamie has had fun target shooting and balloon shooting.
This was Tuesday morning.

We may be heading to Arkansas for a short road trip tomorrow to ride the ferry and visit Mt. home. Cold front is suppose to be heading in tonight. Well see what tomorrow holds.....
More to come soon.