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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Way to go Kevin!!!

Last night (Wed) was the Award Ceremony. Great food, (Fillet and Shrimp) and great enterainment, Mexican Hat Dancers. We were placed at table 3. There were 10-3 year consecutive winner, 2-4 year consecutive winners and Kevin was the only 5 year winner so he was the top WINNER with 5 years consecutive. What a great honor. We ever were rubbing elbows with the President of the whole Sherwin Williams. Yes we and the 4 year winners were sitting at the table with Steve Oberfeld. Here are a few pictures.

The Mexican Hat Dancers

Kevin, Steve and the Mexican Hat Dancers

Pete, Kevin, Me and Steve


ShaRhonda said...

Does Kevin ever put the beer down? Great pic, you look Smokin' in that dress! Congrats to the Tillman Family-5 yrs, that's awesome!

Clogger-Girl said...

hi luv the pics mom and dad!!!! hope you have fun on your cruise !!!

love clogger-girl and little brother

missy said...

you look great! what a trip1