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Friday, November 6, 2009

Last night was a Twitter Xmas Bash

Last night was was the Disney's A Christmas Carol IMAX Twitter party... And we were talking about family traditions... We started a new one about 5 years ago... JBug and Daddy (and now Jman) try to get Santa on camera every year. They set up the camera, put a string on it so that Santa will trip on it and snap his picture... Here a are some of the pictures we have gotten....so CLOSE but yet so FAR away!!

This is the BEST one so far, it was caught last year.

This was in 2006

This was 2004

I hope that you enjoyed these, and I hope to have a new one to post after this Christmas.


Gena said...

Love it. Something peculiar about those pictures.....LOL

Missy said...

i love this idea!