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Monday, February 16, 2009


Where does the time go????
This is 11 years ago.

I could not believe what I was just given.... a beautiful baby girl.

8 lbs
20 inches

Baby feet are sooo sweet!!!

This is her "BUCKET" marker from the nursery.
I also have the three hospital bands that I wore, Kevin's hospital band and both of Jamie's bands.
(her ankle band and wrist band)

after looking at Jamie's Baby book I decided to enter a some of Jamie's "FIRSTS".
1st Tooth November 17th, 1998
1st Smile March 27th, 1998
Rolls Tummy to Back June 22nd, 1998
Rolls Back to Tummy October 9th, 1998
1st Giggle June 1st, 1998
1st Laugh June 8th, 1998
Sits up August 8th, 1998
Pulled up October 25th, 1998
Clapped hands August 24th, 1998
Waves Bye-Bye August 20th, 1998
1st Snow March 8th, 1998


The sweetest Birth Announcements that I could find!!!

I hope that you enjoyed the little trip down memory lane, I know I did and I am still in shock that it has already been 11 years!!!!

I may just enter some more memories tonight... Check Back


ShaRhonda said...

Now that is just the best entry! You were so cute & young. That memorablilia is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jamie!!!!!

Mel said...

Happy Birthday Jamie!!

Glenna said...

Aww that is so sweet!!! I love that post!!! Hang on to her tight the years really start to fly now!