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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Ice, Snow Storm of 2010

The ICE and SNOW storm of 2010
What a way to start the new year!!!!

Thank goodness there was no POWER outages around here. Kevin was gone to Florida for a Sales Meeting. (Go figure Florida) Gram came over to hang out with us while Kevin was gone. We got a lesson in using the Generator in case we needed it. The ICE came and went, thankfully not as bad as called for. On Thursday Jman's school was canceled and we picked Jbug up before the ice started. The ice started about 12:30pm. Friday school was canceled and in the am we got more ice.

Then about 10am the snow started to fall and fall and fall, all day long. We ended up with about 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch of ice and about 7 inches of snow. Kevin was going to come home on Saturday and thankfully he made it home. The airport was shut down on Friday and we were worried that Saturday it would be too.
Gramps ventured over Saturday to stay the night and take Gram back home. Roads were clear.

Some cool pictures of Icicles on the back of the house

Now on to the FUN!!! Playing in the Snow.

Jbug as usually made a great little sledding area of the back yard! Perfect for the both of them. Jman just loves sledding.

Stay warm!!!


MNMSpecial said...

Wow those are some amazing icicles. I don't think I remember seeing an icicle since I moved to South Dakota.